Library Set

Library Set

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The Learning Beautiful Library Set brings computational thinking to learners ages 3 and up, in a hands-on way - no screens, apps, or batteries required! This set was designed for libraries, and works great in the classroom as well. The Learning Beautiful Library Set brings together the first learning materials in our computational series, and include our beautifully-designed and simple to read playbooks. These children’s books accompany each material and guide parents, educators, and children through the basic concepts and how to use them. The Librarian’s Handbook guides educators through the mission and context of our work, the major concepts presented, and detailed lesson plans to provide a framework for effective learning. The materials and resources in this set are perfect for passive programming or structured lessons - a perfect way to bring computer science to young learners, away from the screen.

The Learning Beautiful Library Set includes:

1 Binary Towers

1 Binary Cards

1 Binary Tree

4 Pixel Boards, small (plus lesson cards and tiles)

2 Pixel Boards, medium (plus lesson cards and tiles)

1 Pixel Board, large (plus lesson cards and tiles)

4 Playbooks (children’s books)

Librarian’s Handbook (curriculum and lesson plans)

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