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hands-on computer science for young learners

Building blocks for young children to thrive

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Based on research, and tested in Montessori classrooms

Learning Beautiful began as a research project at the MIT Media Lab, working in close partnership with local Montessori classrooms and MIT computer scientists. Over four years, we developed our materials through direct observation and teacher feedback. Today, we provide tactile materials for young children to learn the basics behind how computers work - without using computers.

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Learning computer science with building blocks, not computers

Learning Beautiful takes inspiration from tactile approaches, such as the Montessori Method, as a way to teach computer science for early childhood education. Our materials break down the fundamentals of computational thinking into a set of discrete concepts that children as young as 3 can explore with their hands. We spun-out of MIT and began this company, in order to provide beautiful and hands-on education to children everywhere. 


Simple lessons and interactive children’s books for children and adults to learn together.

Our materials are designed for learners ages 3-9 to playfully explore the basics of computer science. Our Playbooks provide simple, illustrated guides to engage adults and children through responsive and playful learning. Our curriculum - developed by computer scientists and Montessorians - is designed for anyone to understand the very basics without any prior knowledge.


Timeless and natural materials, manufactured in the US.

We are committed to producing Learning Beautiful materials ethically and naturally. All of the materials are made of safe, certified natural materials like wood, cork, and canvas, and made in close collaboration with our fabricator Stratus Industries in Wisconsin - a company recognized for its ethical hiring practices for workers with disabilities. We consider every one of our company’s choices as an opportunity for positive impact.